Freedom Friday


I’ve said it before, but Zach and I have really grown to appreciate days where we have nothing to do when we get home from work. Commuting is exhausting in and of itself here in DC and most days we are running out the door to bible studies, choir practice, marathon training, puppy class etc! All fun stuff of course. But Fridays are ours to do what we please and we always do a little dance around 2pm when we remind each other that it’s not just Friday it’s Freedom Friday!

Here’s what a typical Freedom Friday looks like:
5:30p – get home from work, promptly nap.
8:00p – realize you napped for way too long. Eat something random for dinner.
9:00p – move the party to the couch and watch bad Friday night TV, probably a Chopped marathon (insert Zach groaning) or Love it or List it (insert me groaning). Maybe play some Bananagrams. Maybe have some coffee because WHO CARES. Fall asleep again. *
2:30a – move groggily back to the bedroom until morning; grumble about how we’re a couple of grandma’s.

* I refuse to go to bed on Fridays, period. Because I don’t have to! I can fall asleep on the couch if I want to!

Doesn’t that just sound like the ultimate party? It’s my favorite kind of party.

I remember what it was like when we were first married (boy that makes me feel old) and those first months of living in Winchester. Zach had a great commute – less than 20 minutes! We had all the time in the world to spend with each other and walk down to the little walking mall for coffee or put some more touches on our little house. Yet I was stressed because I hadn’t found a “real job” yet! What was wrong with me. I miss those days. I appreciate that small quiet town way more now that we live so much closer to all the congestion and jacked up prices of everything. The place I once thought we’d leave in the dust and never look back, I would go back to in a heartbeat. Life’s hilarious.

This weekend we’re looking forward to checking out the farmer’s market down the street and attending a class about joining our church that we’ve been attending for over a year now. The forecast is calling for storms tomorrow and I so hope it’s true. Few things on earth are better than a storm on a Saturday when you have nowhere to be.

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2 Responses to Freedom Friday

  1. lindakay2728 says:

    Nothing is better than freedom Fridays and rainy Saturdays, except possibly retirement! At least at first, when you can sit around and do nothing if you wish, or read a new book all day long. Quite soon after that, you start saying yes to various things to do, like committees, and board membership, also daytime parties. Then pretty soon you discover that you don’t have any free spaces on the calendar at all. That seems to be where we are right now.

  2. Marcia Ellis says:

    Love your post! Hooray for Freedom Friday! We are having one too and it’s wonderful. Leftovers for dinner, on the deck. A ride in the car with the top down to nowhere in particular but ended up at the grocery store because who doesn’t need more cream for Slow Down Saturday Coffee??!! Now baseball in one room (me groaning) NCIS re-runs in another (Chuck groaning) and then maybe a movie! haha. THE BEST.

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