Life + Lately

Things that are making me happy:

Lazy weekends, with short bursts of productivity
My soul sister Kelly finding out SHE’S HAVING A GIRL!
Duncan succesfully sleeping outside his crate
Trying new places with friends – most notably Bayou Bakery and Luke’s Lobster
Driving around looking at houses and dreaming about what we’d do to each one
New pink nail polish
Everything featuring sailboats
Having a moment of insanity and ordering jeans online… not just any jeans, but white skinny jeans. And them fitting!
Being asked to be a bridesmaid in my oldest friend’s wedding
Listening to Duncan chat away with us in the morning – he is so talkative lately!
My hair getting a just a littttle longer
Fixer Upper on HGTV, could a TV couple be any cuter? #goals
Becoming members of our church, a first for our married life
Hangouts and dinners with my brother
Being 90% on my health game and seeing the results! Although the biggest and most important result is my attitude. Taking care of yourself is important in so many ways.
My Parisian BFF Anne coming to visit after a long separation while she was in France

Most of all, my hubby is back! He was gone for a month of training and it was roof stoof around here. I was a single (dog) mom and Zach had to endure bad camp food. But the fam is back together and ready to party!

This life is sweet.


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One Response to Life + Lately

  1. Marcia Ellis says:

    Life Lately is Lovely!

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