A little Norah goes a long way

image (1)

Doesn’t my Monday morning look so peaceful and bloggy?

What if I told you the events that preceded this photo included having dog poop smeared all over my leg? True story. I was extra motivated this morning to wake up and get a short run in with Duncan, which I did manage, but he was extra headstrong and rude the whole time. He loves to criss-cross in front of me like a maniac and every time he did, his unfortunate bathroom remnants (time for a trim) were transferred to my legs. I lead a glamorous life.

Some days you wake up and just know that you’re gonna have to work at it. I feel like it must be especially common on Mondays, so today I worked at it by immediately putting on our new Norah vinyl and tried to mirror the relaxed vibe while I got ready. It’s a pretty effective mood changer, you should try it.

We had a great weekend visit with Zach’s BFF/our best man Alex. We went paddle boarding in Georgetown and it was such a blast! Z and I had never been before and it was a lot easier than I’d imagined. And talk about a great workout, if you don’t spend too much time sitting on the board with your feet in the water… oops. We had dinner and drinks that night and went to see Trainwreck (funny!) and it was so much fun to be together again. We are getting pumped to be heading to Puerto Rico next month for Alex’s sister’s wedding!

The harder your Monday is, the better your weekend was – that’s what I say. So here’s to stupid Mondays!

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