9 months of Josie

9 months is a big one for our Josie!

As of her 9 month wellness appointment, she weighs 18 lbs and is 27.5 in long. Both 50th percentiles while her head remains in the 80th!

She had her first Christmas at GiGi and Grandpa’s in Williamsburg. It was great having the full house and lots of people to interact with!

We made the long journey to Wisconsin. I sat in the back with her and Duncan kept her company via the trunk. It was tough staying occupied for 15 hours but she did great.

She had her first stay in a hotel on that trip! They had a porta-crib and she slept in that for half the night and in bed with us the second half.

Josie received a big girl carseat for Christmas so she rode in style up to Green Bay. We got the Graco 4ever convertible carseat and so far really love it! She has much more room and is more comfortable.

She started sleeping through the night after we got to Green Bay. She goes to sleep at 7pm, and has been waking up between 5-6am. I feed her and put her back in her crib and she will usually keep sleeping until 7, sometimes 8am!!!

However, her naps are a disaster.Lately it’s a screamfest when I put her in her crib and we only get a decent nap if she’s nursing (yay). Everything’s a phase, I tell myself!

You can always tell she is real mad when she blows raspberries while she cries. We call her The Mad Baby.

She loves baths! And chewing on wash clothes.

Her favorite toys are things that are not toys. But of her toys, I would say her favorite thing is a little baby mp3 player similar to this. Highly recommend for car rides!

On Monday, January 9th, Josie figured out how to crawl. She has since been ON. THE. MOVE. It is the cutest thing ever to watch her get somewhere, sit up and clap for herself. She has more fun if I put toys on the other side of the room so she can go get them herself! I’m getting used to not being able to plop her down somewhere and trust she will stay put, i.e. while I take a shower.

She is eating lots of purees and her favorites are chicken/apples, turkey/veggies and squash. She loves Puffs and we are working on more solid foods! I needed a pep talk from the doctor regarding my paralyzing fear of her choking to death, but we’re doing it.

She goes absolutely nuts for FaceTime. When the outgoing call noise comes on she bounces up and down and screams! When we talk to Zach in the evening she gets so excited and demands to hold the phone in her hands while we talk. She turns the phone over to look at the back of it, to see where Daddy is. It’s the cutest thing!!! She does it over and over. She waves to Zach, and gives him the biggest grins. JoJo just adores her Daddy (and so do I!).

She is very independent and still not a big snuggler. When I am putting her to bed she will snuggle into my chest before I put her down and it turns me into a puddle.

She loves bathes and splashing her toys around.

She is not wild about diaper changes or outfit changes.

Also not wild about getting put into the carseat but she’s mostly fine once she’s in.

She is very chatty, especially in her high chair!

She bounces up and down whenever she hears music.

She still only has two little teeth on the bottom.

She’s the cutest baby in the whole wide world. This age is so fun. Forever in disbelief that she’s all ours.

3 thoughts on “9 months of Josie

  1. Katie, this is really fun to see! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Miss Josie, but she is impossibly cute. You and I have some things in common. First, your Mom is my second cousin . . . that is, Linda and my Mom are cousins. Secondly, we both moved away to a smaller city and are marveling at how friendly everyone is. (I moved from the DC area to Maine.) Those long distance moves are intense, aren’t they? I had a cat and not a baby, but man oh man, that was a grind. And you’re right, comparing “traffic” in Portland, Maine is a joke compared to I-95 in Northern Virginia. On the evening news it’s not news, weather, and traffic; it’s news and weather.

    I love seeing your pictures on Facebook! Thanks for brightening my morning with these incredibly cute pictures of Josie.

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