I turned 27 on Sunday! I feel that now I am in my “late twenties” and maybe old enough to have a baby? And at the same time wish I’d started having babies earlier. And also at the same time realize that Josie came at the perfect time in my life, really.

We had a low-key weekend and yesterday my mom, Joey and I drove up to Ephraim to spend a few hours at an art class held at the sweet little Moravian church. Nana and I took turns playing with Josie in the church nursery and following her around as she crawled around exploring the halls of this little building that’s beenĀ standing since the 1850’s. I love being there because the history is just so amazing. The founder of the church walked from Green Bay north to Ephraim, ON Green Bay, as it was iced over. That’s about 80 miles walking on ice! It was the first church in Door County if I remember correctly and it’s little white steeple is one of the most distinctive parts of the Ephraim “skyline.”

During Nana’s turn with Josie, I was able to practice my perspective drawing a bit and glean some expert insight from the art instructor that was present helping everyone with their individual projects. Everyone there was working on something different, with different mediums, so it was quite inspiring to me. I am looking forward to getting artsy and creative with my mom after Josie goes to bed! It’s pretty great to live with your mom.

Something else that is pretty great: when you realize that your favorite summer escape is just as beautiful in the winter. When all the tourists have gone and the seasonal shops are closed, what’s left is a different kind of icy, still beauty. Yesterday the shoreline was barely visible through the fog and the big chunks of ice floated silently on the harbor, and it was so stunningly gorgeous… yet I found it impossible to convey it through a photo.

Luckily I have some more time here to try and capture it. What a pleasure.

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