10 months of Josie

I wrote this four weeks ago just before Josie actually turned 10 months, but was holding off so I could take her pictures! The time keeps getting away from me and I have a mysteriously missing SD card so I just gotta get this up here and use some other pics!

Happy 10 months to my Josephine Rosephine!

We’ve been having a grand ol’ time up in Wisconsin with Nana and Grandpa, but I write this from GiGi’s house in Williamsburg! We arrived Friday and were able to spend the long weekend with Zach. He had to go back to work for the week, but we will stay here and he’ll come back again next weekend so we can see him again before we head back to Green Bay.

That makes three plane trips that Josie has been on so far in her little life!

This was definitely the most challenging, because Josie is ON. THE. MOVE. She wants to crawl anywhere and everywhere, so sitting on my lap in a way-too-small plane seat is not high on her list of things to do. Luckily the flights aren’t too long. This was the first time we flew with a layover and it worked out pretty well. We had a layover in Detroit and that’s a nice airport – we rode the monorail back and forth a few times, we crawled around an empty gate area and we shared some Chickfila. By the time we did all that, it was time to board the next flight and we hadn’t even discovered the kids play area! On the way back maybe. Also on the way back I will 100% be upgrading to the extra legroom seats. Josie didn’t sleep at all on either flight, so I basically stuffed every variation of Gerber Graduates snacks into her mouth for an hour!

So – Josie crawls everywhere, and loves to explore. She is one busy bee. She pulls up to her knees on everything but not her feet yet. She’s done it once or twice but isn’t too sure about it.

She had her first trip to a playground!!! It has been too cold/snowy/icy in WI to go outside at all but here in VA it feels like spring. She LOVES the swings!!! It’s the most fun thing ever! She also loves going down slides with us!

Josie’s favorite foods are peanut butter oatmeal, chicken/apple puree, bananas, cottage cheese and pancakes I make out of egg/banana/cinnamon. She also likes spinach and pasta! She does not like strawberries or peaches and most of the green vegetable purees make her gag.

She has her two top teeth now bringing us to a total of 4 teeth! Cutting those was a real doozy. She’s got all her central incisors and now I think one of her bottom lateral incisors is about to burst forth.

When Josie isn’t cutting teeth her sleep is pretty good! She goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until 4-5a. I feed her and put her back down and she usually will go back to sleep until 630-7a. Once in a blue moon she even goes until 8a!

Naps are another story, but as long as we’re sleeping at night I can power through. I imagine unless you have a child/care for children, you really cannot fathom why it would be such a big deal if your kid didn’t nap. I know I couldn’t. Just take my word for it, those little tiny breaks in the day make a huge difference in your attitude, energy, outlook on life, etc. JoJo generally takes a short morning nap but the afternoons had been tough. In the last few days I started trying the “2-3-4” routine: wake up in the morning and stay awake for 2 hours, then nap. Then awake 3 hours, then nap. Then awake 4 hours, and bedtime. It’s actually working great, and I am putting her down for her afternoon nap earlier than I had been so I wonder if I was waiting too long before and she was just overtired. Anyway I know everyone is just enthralled by my nap chronicles so moving on.

We spent a week at Nonnie and Boppa’s in Door County while my parents went on vacation, and it was a blast. I boarded two of the three dogs and brought Gus with us, since he’s an old man now and basically just lays around all day. Josie had a great time exploring their house and we had a bunch of outings. Mostly to Al Johnson’s and Shopko – there aren’t a lot of winter activities in Ephraim but we really enjoyed ourselves. I hadn’t had my Nonnie and Boppa to myself for a whole week since sailing camp when I was 8 years old!

Our Joey is becoming quite opinionated and letting us know when she is not pleased. This is terrifying and I’m already having to practice my stern mom voice. She started hitting things out of my hand when she’s mad and throwing a fit when she doesn’t get something she wants right when she wants it. Example: when I’m giving her Puffs in the car to keep her happy on a ride, she simply must have one in her mouth, and one in each hand at all times. Or else.

She still loves baths and we started baths in the big bathtub with big girl bath toys!

FaceTime is heaven-sent. We try to FaceTime with Zach every night before bed and Josie loves it. When he walked in the door Friday and she saw him for the first time in 6 weeks, she absolutely lit up. She let out a big giggle and reached right for him! I teared up and Zach was so relieved she hadn’t forgotten who he was. It was the sweetest thing, wish I’d filmed it.

She knows that phones go up by her ear. Whenever she gets hold of mine, she puts it up to her ear and says “AH????” She does it with everything. Toys, food, her hand. We put our hand up to our ear and say, “Hello?? Is Josie there???” And she puts her hand up to her ear. IT KILLS ME!

She waves “bye bye,” but usually she thinks about it for a good 10 seconds and by the time she does it no one is there and she’s waving to nothing.

When I brush her hair she takes the brush and tries to brush her own. When I lean down and give her my hair she brushes it too!

When she does something she’s proud of she claps for herself! We cannot get enough of this little ham sandwich and her personality comes out more and more every day!



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