11 months of Josie

Eleven MONTHS, people.

My Josie is becoming… a person. A tiny, powerful, hilarious, gorgeous person.

My snorty little 7 lb, 13 oz, scrunchy faced, cluster feeding, wide eyed newborn baby sweetness. Amazing.

Josephine Rose is one busy lady. She goes, goes, goes! Snuggles are still rare but every once in awhile she’ll lay her head down on my lap for a couple seconds and SOMETIMES even let me stroke her hair a little. But then she’s right back to it!

She is in the process of cutting one of her top lateral incisors. It is roof stoof for this poor lady! Whenever she has a tooth coming her naps really suffer. I usually try to get ahead of them with some baby ibuprofen so we at least have a shot at a nap, but I usually have to rock her to sleep and then attempt the dreaded crib transfer. Some days we win, some days we don’t.

She has been saying mama/dada/nana for awhile, but recently she said “ball.” It actually comes out more like “bah!” And she points to her toy ball! We were so excited that we were FacetTiming with Zach when she said it for the first time, it was so sweet that Zach could witness it. A few nights later, she repeated “night night” (“nah nah”) to Zach when we were saying goodbye!

I’m teaching her how to give kisses, starting with her stuffed animals. When I showed her I made the “mmmm mwah!” sound, so Josie holds the animals up to her mouth and goes “mmmmm!!!” Sweetest sweetness.

She pulls up on everything but we aren’t quite cruising yet.

She is one speedy crawler, I can’t take my eyes off her or else she disappears!

Josie is still not a fan of car rides. This baffles me. She is in the car so much! We are the girls about town, man! You’d think she would realize ok this is just something we do…. not so much. But we don’t let it stop us from getting out of the house – we just suck it up and go! Homie will get used to it some time or another.

Meal time is always interesting. If Josie is hungry enough it goes pretty well and she eats most of what I give her. If she isn’t that interested for whatever reason, she flings food onto the ground and/or feeds it to the dogs. Fun! We’re working on signing “all done” when she doesn’t want anymore but so far it’s not going great. I’ve been trying to cut down on nursing sessions during the day and that is definitely helping!

Her favorite food is cheese. String cheese, cheese quesadillas, scrambled eggs with cheese, cheesy broccoli, cottage cheese. It’s fitting that we are in Green Bay because she is a total Cheese Head. She also loves crackers, taco meat, seasoned steamed broccoli, bananas and her trusty chicken/apple puree.

Joey is ever observant. She scrutinizes everything and watches very closely before acting. She is such a thinker. When strangers approach us in public places, she rarely offers a smile right away… more like a serious stare. If they linger long enough they will catch a smile though!

Her laugh is the sweetest sound I ever heard – thank goodness she is such an easy laugher. The more those top teeth come in the cuter it is.

JoJo loves when I chase her around the floor. She starts off as fast as she can, then turns back to see if I’m chasing her. She cackles wildly and it just kills me! She also thinks it is hilarious to go up to plugs, cords, anything she’s not supposed to touch, and stick her finger out dramatically while looking at me from the corner of her eye. Oh boy.

She holds any and every object up to her ear to use it like a phone. She holds it up and says “AH?!?!” When she wakes up from her naps and I go to get her, sometimes I call out to her from around the corner in the dark. I say, “Hello??? Is Josie there?” Her eyes get so wide and she throws her hand up to her head, and listens very closely.

We will be celebrating Josie’s first birthday in Williamsburg next month. The theme will be Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – Josie’s favorite book. I can’t wait!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “11 months of Josie

  1. So fun to hear all about Josie’s routine. We miss having her here every minute of every day! Miss you too of course!

  2. Such a fun chronicle on our Josie! Just you wait til she really starts cruising!! You’ll never believe how FAST those little legs will go and how FAR they’ll take her! And it sounds like her language skills are racing right along. This is such a fun time, so I hope you will continue to enjoy it, even with it’s napping problems. But then, each new period will bring it’s own new discoveries and it’s own special challenges. Love you all! Auntie Cookie

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