Things I want to remember

It is April 1, 2017 and these are some things I want to remember:

The ice is thawing. Spring is coming. It is 55 degrees today. Last night after Josie went to bed, it was still light enough out for a quick run. I did a mile and a half and felt pretty good – I enjoy running much more now because it is an escape. It’s something I have the luxury of doing, rather than task of doing. Thanks, motherhood.

Josie’s cheeks look extra big right now. Last night she ate a whole puree of turkey and rice, an entire greek yogurt (that I was planning on having to share with her), a whole string cheese and some crackers. Girlfriend is packing it on!

When Murphy gets too close to her high chair she violently wags her finger, AND shakes her head, yelling “NA, NA, NAAAAA.”

Now when she starts to do something she knows she is not supposed to, all I have to say is “Josephine….” and she wags her finger, “NA NA NAA” and leaves it alone.

She is almost one. Almost not a baby. But she still is a baby right now. So I will nurse her for her naps if I want to. We’re down to three nursing sessions per day, and I’m planning on bringing it down to two next week. We’ll see how it goes… the only reason the mid-day feed remains is it is crucial to her afternoon nap. She goes down fine but wakes up way too soon!

She is starting to bring me  books to read and actually sits and listens to them. This has to be my favorite thing so far in her development. It absolutely melts me. My busy little baby sits in my lap and sits for a whole book. I mean she brings me something?? It feels so grown up. Stop it.

I want to murder Duncan most of the time lately.

Except for around 9pm when he suddenly turns so sweet and cuddly and puts himself to bed in my room. When he isn’t there I miss him.

I am anxious for it to get even warmer so Josie and I can have picnics outside and explore my parents woods. Maybe even get out on the boat!

I’m feeling proud because I’ve lost about 40 lbs since Josie was born, and 15 since January! I have about 20 to go to get back to my pre-pregnant weight. Pregnant moms: resist the urge to eat entire boxes of frozen waffles in one sitting. It’s not worth it!

We are house hunting via the internet and taking a trip soon to do it in person. It is so much fun I could burst with excitement, but also throw up from the stress. Fun combo. Really though, it is a fun combo. It’s such a fun time for our young little family.

We get to see Zachary next weekend and WE. CAN’T. WAIT!



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